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New Balance Arishi v2

New Balance Arishi v2
UK Sizes: 2 - 6.5

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New Balance Arishi v2

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Delivering supremely lightweight comfort on every step due to a Fresh Foam midsole, the New Balance Bungee Lace Fresh Foam Arishi v2 Junior Running Shoes are the perfect shoes for young and enthusiastic runners.

Breathable Upper

Allowing a constant flow of air to provide ventilation to the feet, the upper of the shoe has a breathable mesh surrounding it to keep you feeling fresh and comfortable. As you begin to exercise, the air within the shoe will start to warm up, and the material will encourage it to escape out. Once it escapes out it is then replaced by cooler air, and this constant cycle will keep you feeling ventilated. This will also allow vapour from sweat to escape out, keep your feet feeling dry and comfortable. The material covering the forefoot is thicker, which will reduce the risk of injury to the toes from bumps and knocks. The shoe has no-sew overlays, which firms up the rear of the shoe, whilst not providing any irritation to the feet. A traditional lacing with bungee laces will allow you to find the perfect fit, and the flat-lying and comfortable tongue will keep you feeling comfortable. An NB Response 1.0 performance insert will provide the shoe with soft and personalised cushioning.

Fresh Foam Midsole

Using New Balance's innovative technology, the Fresh Foam midsole delivers a plush and smooth ride. This EVA midsole is made from a single piece of foam, and will provide you with multiple benefits. Towards the top of the midsole, the Fresh Foam will provide instant cushioning when force is applied to it. This will relieve pressure placed on joints like the ankle and the knees, reducing the risk of injuries from occurring, and the cushioning will also improve comfort. Towards the bottom, the midsole will work instantly to absorb all shocks from heavy and sharp contacts with the ground. This will again prevent discomfort and potential injuries from occurring by stopping the forces from reaching the sole of the foot. When completing your gait cycle, the midsole will react and give you a responsive boost. This will also provide you with a plush and more natural cycle, helping you to find a rhythm that you can stick to for a long period of time.

Durable Rubber Outsole

Made with durable rubber, the outsole of the Arishi v2 Junior Running Shoe will form a strong connection between shoe and ground surface. This is because the rubber is extremely grippy, forming a solid bond with hard surfaces to secure the shoe and foot in place. This will give you more control and traction to give you confidence to push on from when running. The rubber itself is extremely tough, and will stand up against abuse and abrasions. This will improve the lifespan and long-term functionality of the shoe. Multi-directional grooves on the outsole will dig into the ground, anchoring the foot in place for takeoffs, braking and changes of direction.

New Balance Arishi v2


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