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Time for gloves!

2016/11/29 at 20:28PM by Steve

As the temperature drops, I have finally pulled out my faithful Nike gloves from the kit bag and will be wearing them tonight for a cheeky track session down at Blackbridge! I've got my first Birmingham XC League race for 3 seasons on Saturday, looking forward to having a strong run and proving that my training is working. I've managed some consistent 40+ miles per week for the past couple of months and for those who know me, that is high!!

A wise old man (sorry Andy!) did once tell me that there is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong kit. To make sure I train at my best, I will make sure I am layered up tonight and ensure that the effort is good and the recovery is brief. Happy running...

24 laps to go...

2014/09/10 at 01:07AM by Steve

For some reason I have signed up to do a 10000m track race next weekend, a thoroughly enjoyable 25 laps of the track! It is the British Masters Championships and as a new "Veteran", I'm embracing the challenge of seeing how I compare to the best in Britain in my age group.

I know that I'm running well as I managed a 15.34 5km on the roads a couple of weeks ago, I just need to get my head around the mentality of running 25 laps. I will be using my faithful Adidas Adios Boost to get me round, hoping for a medal and a decent time. I will hopefully update you with some good news in a few weeks time?....

Officially old!

2014/07/28 at 23:16PM by Steve

Well I've finally made it to 35 and am now officially a veteran in the running world! Bizarrely enough, it has given me a renewed enthusiasm for running and I can't wait to get involved in the Masters running scene. I'm happily hitting the miles in my Mizuno Wave Inspire 10's, a lightweight, supportive shoe with enough cushioning to keep me injury-free. I will try and keep the blog updated a bit more frequently with my escapades as a newcomer to the veterans ranks.

Happy Running!

366 Days! part 2

2013/01/05 at 11:15AM by Lofty

 So as you may well know i have completed the challenge, well done i hear you say! well those who said i was mad hit the nail on the head. It was the hardest mental, not physical challenge i have had to do. Getting up at 3 in the morning to run because i had a flight to catch at 6 was not fun and running when you are tired does not go down well!

I must admit that i found some great runs to do and did some really fun night runs which really helped, torches and mud make what could be a so so  run a very enjoyable run! With all the runs i did i still never got over 1500 miles which most of us would of done on a basic 4/5 day week training schedule. I also got through a few pairs of shoes and socks too,( not a problem if you are the co owner of a sport shop!)




366 days! ( Part 1)

2012/12/29 at 11:24AM by Lofty

With three days to go i thought i might start to write a little about my epic (stupid) challenge for 2012. Late in 2011 we had a conversation about Ron hill, a European and commonwealth marathon champion and also a 3 times olympian. He is just short of his 75th birthday and has logged 17,546 days of running (nearly 48 years). Ron hills minimum run (so i was told) was 800 metres so i thought "whats the point of 800 metres, my minimum would be 10 mins". So with that the gauntlet was thrown down!

January 1st 2012 was a steady run due to celebrations the night before and so the year began. It turns out a friend of ours Barry from Tewkesbury also started on the same day as me, and this helped that apart from Ron hill there were other idiots (sorry Barry and Ron) who were doing the same challenge. With foresight i  should maybe have had a little chat to Ron Hill about days when you just could not be bothered to go out, we have all had them and its easy to say "i will run tomorrow" but if you laid down a challenge you have to see it through.

During the year i ran with my local club, raced and trained with my training partner who i must have said numerous times to her "this is stupid" and she has said "you are". Cheers then!  If i had to do this again i would start it in april and finish in march as i am finding the cold wet evenings a bit of a challenge to go running in and maybe starting and finishing the year run in warmth would be a bit of a bonus.